ComfyMassageChair covers many useful resources that may help you live a healthier life. Now though this website isn’t about what exercises to do when you hit the gym, as there already seem to be loads of them, it helps you inch closer to a healthier life without putting in much efforts.

We cover products and topics that don’t really eat into your already limited time, but can be used or followed in your free time, especially when you’re looking for a source of refreshment.

That being said, we would basically be covering two broad categories of products – Massage chairs and recliners. Massage chairs are proven to be effective for dealing with back pain and other similar problems, and they can also go a long way at making you feel refreshed.
There also seem to be several other health benefits of using a massage chair on a regular basis. Similarly, recliners come with many health benefits as well, with one of the most important ones being working as a stress buster.

Recliners are also believed to improve blood circulation, which too is considered a must for a healthy body. Furthermore, if you manage to find a really good and effective recliner for you, it may also help relieve the pain in your joints and other parts of the body.

Finally, we also plan to share many useful resources about dealing with stress better, which actually seems to be the need of the day in current times. Similarly, we would also be actively discussing about useful products such as the ones mentioned above which can help relieve stress.

Choosing a massage chairmassage chair

However, just because a massage chair has been proven to be useful for many health problems, it doesn’t mean that all of them would turn out to be sufficiently effective for you. As a matter of fact, there are many different types of massage chairs that come with a wide range of features, so choosing the best massage chair may turn out to be really confusing.

Also, choosing a massage chair is actually quite subjective and you may have to figure out your own requirements before trying to find a massage chair that may turn out to be the best for YOU.

To start with, reading a few massage chair reviews on our site may turn out to be very useful. It would help you get an idea about the important features to look out for, and what some of the most popular and highly rated massage chairs may bring to the table for you.

Also, you may want to decide on a budget to make sure the research becomes much easier and you consider only the products that you can actually afford. For example, a zero gravity massage chair may offer the best soothing experience, but may not be affordable for everyone.

On the other hand, there are various options available even if you’re looking for a specific type of massage. For example, if you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, stiffness, or other such problems, you may want to get a shiatsu massage chair, as the shiatsu massage is considered most beneficial for such conditions.

Similarly, if you’re dealing with intense stress, or just simply want to relax yourself, you may be interested in an ijoy massage chair. Such chairs are specifically designed to offer the most comfort, and make you feel relaxed.

A Look at Some of the Reputed Massage Chair Brands

Well, if you want to be completely sure about the quality of the massage chair you’re getting, you may want to do some brand research and ensure that the manufacturer is a reputed name in the industry. Alternatively, you can also consider the below given brands, as they seem to be some of the most trusted ones on the market.


To put simply, if you’re looking for the highest level comfort and are on an equally big budget, an Osaki massage chair may probably turn out to be your best bet.

There seem to be quite a few massage chairs from this brand that haven’t failed to impress customers. Now, though they aren’t your budget massage chairs, they are made using high quality materials and come with an excellent build quality. However, these things don’t come cheap, and you may have to shell out a lot more than you would if you settle for some other lesser known brand.

Osaki chairs also come in a really wide range, with different shapes, styles, designs, and price points. The manufacturer also claims that all its products are tested, ensuring a much better quality and durability compared to some of the other products on the market.


Well, this brand doesn’t really need an introduction. Panasonic has been a reputed name in the massage chairs industry from around three decades now, which is saying something given that most of the other brands have made their way to the market much later.

However, Panasonic doesn’t want you to simply go by its reputation and trust its products. Some of the massage chairs Panasonic offers boast of coming with a wide range of features, and the quality doesn’t fail to give some of the high-end products on the market a run for their money.

To be precise, most Panasonic massage chairs are designed for daily use, and hence come with a surprisingly high level of durability as compared to some other ones that are designed for more specific use.

Similarly, a Panasonic massage chair aims to make you feel relaxed and relieve your stress. To put it in short, they seem to be a perfect replacement to human massage.


This is another well known brand in the industry. However, they are more popular for the high-end massage chairs they offer, and don’t seem to be offering many budget ones.

Furthermore, they seem to be specializing in shiatsu massage chairs, which’s one of the most popular types of massage chairs on the market.

Cozzia massage chairs use an innovative technology to produce chairs that aim to offer the same quality massage as a professional back therapist.

Also, though many of its massage chairs come with a relatively hefty price tag, they probably justify it well, thanks to the high quality components used to produce them.

Recliner chairs

Just like massage chairs, the market also seems to be flooded with different types of recliner chairs. However, you can easily shortlist your options by taking a look at our best recliners.

Different type of recliners

Similarly, if you want to get the very best out there, you may want to consider a zero gravity recliner, which actually seems to be offering the highest level of comfort among all the others.

Let us also take also take a look at some of the other popular types of recliner chairs.

Power recliners

Power recliners are specifically designed for those who prefer moving around in their recliner chair and have many positions they can sit in.

Rocker recliners

There are also many specific type of recliners designed to meet different requirements of some. An example of this is the rocker recliner, which does exactly what its name suggests, which is rocking while reclining.

Now although it may not seem much appealing to you, rocker recliners are often recommended to people suffering from insomnia. This is because the gentle rocking of the chair makes them fall asleep easily, which is exactly what they need while dealing with the condition.

Wall hugger recliners

The wall hugger recliners seem to be the ideal choice for those low on space. They also require you to sit in a straight position, helping in promoting a healthy posture.

Most wall hugger recliners are also rocker recliners, as you can easily find one that’s a mix of both. This would obviously allow you to get the benefits of both a rocker recliner and a wall hugger recliner, and still wouldn’t require a lot of space.

Choosing a recliner chair

As mentioned earlier, all the choices available to you while buying a recliner chair can be overwhelming and confusing. Chances are that you may end up buying something that is actually good enough, but doesn’t exactly offer everything that you were looking for.

This makes it important to ensure that you put some research into the choosing process, so that you can be sure of what the product you’re buying exactly comes with.

Before we get into all that, however, let us mention that a good recliner chair may not only help you feel relieved and relaxed at the end of the day when you sink into it after returning from a long day’s work, but also enhance the overall look of the room it’s placed on.
Also, as we have just gone through above, a recliner chair also comes in a wide range of designs, styles, sizes, and may even vary greatly in terms of price, quality, durability, and so on. Hence, you may want to keep all these things in mind, so that the process of choosing an ideal recliner chair becomes much more convenient and effective.

Selecting a particular type of recliner

Although we have already had a look at some of the most popular types of recliners above, there’s actually more to it. Other than the ones mentioned above, there are also other types of recliners such as lift chairs, massage recliners, and more.

However, most usually like to go for one of the types mentioned before unless they have some very specific needs. For example, unless you find it really difficult to rise after being seated for too long on a chair, going for a lift chair may not make much sense.

Similarly, while a massage recliner may offer the added advantage of allowing you to enjoy a massage, the hefty price tag such recliners usually come with may not make it a very wise option. Furthermore, getting a massage chair would probably be a much better option if you really want to get regular massages.

Deciding on a budget

Now though it may sound rather obvious, taking the budget into consideration is surprisingly overlooked. The idea here is to decide on a budget before even considering any products. This narrows your options greatly, which helps you focus and analyze only those products that you can actually afford to buy.

It also isn’t very uncommon to see some spending way more than they initially wanted to, simply because they thought the recliner chairs that fall within their budget aren’t really good enough. However, more often than not, this thinking is a result of comparing the high-end products with the budget ones. The former are obviously going to seem more appealing.

This doesn’t mean that the budget products aren’t good enough, though. Unless you’re unrealistic and unreasonable with your expectations for the money you’re willing to shell out, you may manage to find quite a good product well within your budget.

Also, you need to keep in mind that you need not go for a recliner chair that comes loaded with features unless you’re sure that you need them, as they are usually the most expensive ones.

Choosing the material

Like the price and features, the materials used to produce recliner chairs also tend to vary quite a bit as well. While leather may appeal to some, it isn’t really recommended for long term use, especially if you would want to sit on the chair for extended periods of time. Also, recliner chairs made using leather are more prone to damage from pets.

Most of the other fabrics seem great, though. While the microsuede tends to be durable and comfortable, cotton is softer and doesn’t get sticky.

Considering the style

While considering the style factor, you may also want to take into account the current look of the room the chair is going to be placed in. Depending on that, you may be able to find an ideal style that suits the look and feel of your home.

Size matters as well

While some recliner chairs are huge in size, some others are pretty compact. Depending on the available space in your room as well as you preferences, you may want to go with a recliner chair that’s just about perfect in size.