Emma JacksonHello there and thank you for taking an interest in comfymassagechair.com! My name is Emma and I am a freelance writer and student. Over the years, I have been obsessed with finding the world’s most comfortable chair. Growing up, I can recall my father returning home from a hard day at work and slamming his body into his favorite rocking chair. Despite the abuse the rocking chair took over the years, it always remained comfortable and my father used it loyally. Is there a chair that would be able to replicate that experience for me? My mission is to track down and try as many different massage chairs, sofas, and recliners as possible. And, comfymassagechair.com will be a journal of my exploits.

What I Do

Aside from attending school, I absolutely love being able to help others. The only way I see fit to achieve this goal is through writing. By writing about my experiences with some of the market’s best furniture items, I sincerely hope I’ll be able to help someone out there make a better educated decision for their money. As mentioned above, this website will act as my journal and it will provide visitors with insight into my past experiences and will also give everyone an up close look at some of these products.

My Mission

I truly understand that furniture can be immensely expensive and these items are something you should never purchase on impulse. Doing so would most likely result in a major mistake and would see your money wasted. My mission is to make sure that consumers are able to acquire the information they required to make a better informed decision. By taking the dive first, I will be able to steer consumers away from bad investments, while attempting to help them make wiser choices for their family. By reading through my website, comfymassagechair.com, you’ll be able to acquire information regarding the market’s best massage chairs, sofas, recliners, and sectionals.


I sincerely understand that there are numerous similar sites on the Internet, but I want to provide you with the reassurance that the information provided on this website is truthful, accurate, and sincere. Each product on this website has been carefully examined and tested, in order to ensure visitors are able to acquire the most accurate information possible. Our goal is to provide visitors with helpful information and we would never want to lead anyone astray. If we’re able to achieve that goal, we’ll be incredibly satisfied with our progress.

The Future

comfymassagechair.com is an ongoing project, which will never end. As the website continues to flourish, the content will continue to grow. We’ll add new information, new reviews, and updates to previous content to ensure visitors are always able to acquire the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible. With this in mind, it is safe to say that this website will be updated consistently with new information. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you bookmark the site and continue checking back as frequently as possible. You never know what I’ll write about next!