Best Massage Chair Under 2000 (Buyers Guide) 2020

If you are in the market for serious equipment but cannot spend more than $2,000, you can still get an extremely high-quality massage chair that will meet your needs.

Relaxonchair is a trusted brand that can deliver the kind of relaxation you need with a good looking and space-saving chair that is packed with features for a reasonable cost.

Editor’s Choice

For a high-quality massage chair that will meet all of your needs for under $2,000, consider the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu by RelaxonChair.

This model is easy to control and provides a powerful relaxation by utilizing a variety of techniques so that you can experience a massage that is similar to what a real therapist could provide.

A model of this price is a big investment, but if you need serious relief from back pain and stress this may be the right choice for you.

  • Three Stage Ultra Automatic Zero Gravity Multi-function
  • Buttock L-tracking System
  • Deep Tissue & Full Body Stretching
  • Lower Back Heating

Top 3 Best Massage Chair Under $2000

1. RelaxonChair MK-II Plus

RelaxonChair MK-II Plus

RelaxonChair MK-II Plus

If you are looking for the best massage chair that you can buy for under $2,000, consider this attractive Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu by RelaxonChair.​

The redesigned one hand operation controller is a breeze to use. If you have been frustrated by products that advertise a powerful equipment but don’t deliver, you will love this model that really gets the job done.

The airbag pressure for the forearms and calves has been reduced for optimal comfort. Three levels of airbag intensity allow you to choose exactly the pressure you want in the areas massaged by airbags.

Four automatic programs allow you to choose the program that is best for you. You can pick between kneading, tapping, and a combination of the two for targeted massage.

This zero gravity model will elevate your feet to the same height as your heart so that the strain of gravity on your vertebrae will be minimized to help relieve the discomfort of back pain.

If your job or lifestyle causes you to develop pain in your back the opportunity to relax in this zero gravity chair and relieve your pain will make you glad you chose this chair.

You can relax more when your heart works less so zero gravity is important for relaxation and reducing blood pressure.

The soft grain synthetic leather will feel comfortable against your skin and is easy to care for. An L tracking system features rollers that glide from your upper back down to under your seat for full-body relaxation.

A built-in sensor can measure the length of your spine automatically, utilizing computerized body scanning so that this chair knows where to focus.

Airbags are uniquely designed to inflate and deflate separately, allowing the body to stretch and twist therapeutically.

It will give you a deep tissue option and full-body stretching like a real therapist would provide as well as allowing you to rest in a zero-gravity position for spinal decompression.

The vigorous air cells that pin your body in place will allow the chair to move you in a calculated manner to stretch out your leg and back muscles.

Airbags at your hip and waist area inflate to provide compression relaxation along these delicate areas.

For increased comfort and blood circulation this model offers lower back heating.

A calf and foot massager utilizes multiple airbags on both the back and sides of your legs and feet that inflate for a compression massage while a bottom spinning roller provides a concentrated kneading option to pinpoint pressure points in your feet.


2. Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

This Kahuna Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Recliner is designed utilizing an L track frame structure and four rollers with air cell systems that effectively relaxes your entire body. The L track system supports your neck all the way down to decompress your spine and make it more effective.

It offers three stages of true zero gravity while utilizing a space-saving design that means it won’t take up your entire living room.

Computer body scanning technology will automatically scan your body size for a custom relaxation every time.

A minimal number of air sells cover most of the surface area of this chair using an advanced and unique design that can provide the same sort of air cell option as competing models while making for a quieter experience.

These cells are specially programmed so they work separately to twist and deep stretch your body.

Five manual techniques including tapping, rolling, shiatsu, kneading, and a combination of kneading and tapping allow you to customize, or you can utilize the six auto programs to rapidly provide the relief you need.

It uses heat therapy for not only on your lower back but also on your legs for a deep relaxation experience.

The roller speed and air cell nodes are both adjustable to three levels so you can get the exact option that you want.

The space saving design of this zero gravity model will allow it to rest only 3in from your wall.


3. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

The Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax provides futuristic relaxation that will soothe your sore muscles.

A patent pending innovative Flex Glide system works with the 3D orbital technologies to deliver a soothing relaxation that will feel similar to that delivered by a real therapist utilizing with warm oil.

Warm air technology which is also patented by Human Touch provides intense relief from your muscle tension.

It has a 55 degree swivel base so that you can comfortably swivel around in your space.

The body map Pro System allows you to pinpoint which part of your body to focus. The five programs are designed expertly to help your body recover from conditions like arthritis and back pain.

You can utilize a stationary technique, glide option, or combine them for relaxation that is customized to your needs.

Taylor your vertical massage range and the position of the glide features of it so that your relaxation will target the areas where you need it most.


Final Verdict

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality product, you want to spend your money on the right one that you can afford and will provide you with lasting relief for years to come.

You don’t want to spend a good amount of money but settle for a right product that only offers airbag massage vibration.

The Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu by RelaxonChair can provide you with a full body powerful massage experience that will rival the sort of relaxation you can get from a real therapist.

If you are looking for other models, you can check out our comprehensive massage chair comparisons on the page here.