iJoy Massage Chair 2310 Review

Despite being a simple and small massage chair, the iJoy-2310 Recline & Relax Robotic massage chair does offer a fair amount of for a competitively priced massage chairs. It does not, however, offer a large range of features like some other, more expensive massage chairs.

You will get a choice of massage styles and 3 pre-set programs you can select from. There are not many features but the competitive price reflects this.

iJoy Massage Chair Features

There are plenty of features that stand out and make it an attractive choice for those with a lower budget. You can review many things that people enjoy about this massage chair by browsing the owner’s manual.

iJoy 2310 Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy 2310 Robotic Massage Chair


Massage Intensity Control

You can use the massage chair’s remote control to set how gentle or intense you would like the massage to be. There is also a useful function that allows you to change the movement to upwards or downwards on the body and adjust the pressure depending on where you need it.

Choice Of 4 Massage Methods

Another stand out feature that this massage chair offers is the choice of 4 massage methods to pick from. These techniques are very similar to those that are provided by massage professionals such as tapping, rolling, compressing and kneading. They mimic very closely the touch of a person.

Softening Pad Solution

The Softening pad is a great solution for those who would prefer a softer massage. The pad which comes with the massage chair creates a soft cushioning barrier between the rollers and your body. This also is a way to reduce the pressure of the massage. This is a great option for people who are older, are recovering from surgery or are just more sensitive.

3 Auto Massage Programs

With 3 pre-set massage programs, you have the choice of targeting different areas. One targets the lumbar area, which is helpful for people who sit at work for long hours. The upper back and neck option is good for people who hold tension in these areas and the third option is full back general massage which covers the whole back.


One of the best things about this massage chair is that it is likely one of the lightest massage chairs around. It only weighs 55lbs! That is up to 250 lbs. lighter than most available massage chairs. This makes it easy to transport around the house or to other locations.


  • Recline: Controlled Manually
  • Total Weight: 57lbs
  • Upright Dimensions: 39 x 28 x 35 inches
  • Dimensions when reclining: 48 x 28 x 26 inches

What The iJoy-2310 Is Missing

With only one cheaper option, the iJoy Active 2.0, this massage chair is really at the top when it comes to price and value. There are some things that are missing and this is expected when you are making a purchase on the lower end of the cost spectrum. The massage chair features are limited and there are no leg rests. If you just require massage for your back, then this is a great option. If, however, you have aching leg muscles, you will be out of luck with this massage chair. For a massage chair with leg features, the Osaki OS-4000 and the BestMassage EC-06c are good options. They both offer features for full foot and leg massage.

Since there is no leg rest, the massage chair is made lower, and this is not always suitable for people who require a standard sized chair. If you would like a comfortable average sized chair, a model like the Fujimi EP8800 may be a more suitable option.

Also, while this massage chair does offer a reclining position, it can only be adjusted manually. Users who would prefer an automatic reclining option, which would make it easier to use, may prefer the iJoy-2580.

What Customers Have To Say

The majority of the customers who reviewed the iJoy 2310 online agree that in terms of value for price, it is a really good option. One customer mentioned that she and her husband both have had less back pain since they started using the chair. Another very excited customer, who uses it after work every day said that it really opens up and relaxes her lower back.

There are many customers who pointed out that the unusually small proportions of this massage chair are very noticeable. One user commented that this is not the best option for ‘heavy-set’ or a larger people, and that even some average sized users may find it small. Some people found it difficult to position themselves in the chair and also found getting up difficult.

On the whole, there is consensus that for its modest price, this massage chair gives a thorough and intense massage.

Owner’s manual

It is always a good idea to be well-informed before investing and using your massage chair. You will also receive the manual for the chair, which not only has instructions with a lot of detail on how to use it, but also explains the features in more depth.


You get a limited warranty (2 year) with this massage chair. It covers malfunctions that arise as a result of materials that are used or any workmanship defects. Note that under this warranty, the manufacturer does not take any responsibility for damage that results from an accident or even ‘wear and tear’.

Who Benefits From This Massage Chair?

This massage chair is for people who are looking for a short and basic massage on a regular basis. It is a chair in the low price range and is suited for people who want a massage experience at home without paying a lot. This is a cost-efficient choice for people who want quick relief occasionally or a brief massage every day.

Although this massage chair doesn’t offer a variety of features offered by other massage chairs, this is not necessarily a disadvantage. Some people prefer to own a massage chair that will relieve tension in just their problem areas, in this case just the shoulders and back.

This chair is also ideal if would like to customize and control your massages. The control pad that allows you to determine where you would like to place focus, and allows the pressure to be placed in the places where it is more needed.

The iJoy-2310 Recline & Relax Is Not For Everyone

If you are looking for a full-body, authentic massage experience at home, this chair would not be the best option for you. It is designed specifically to provide some relief to aching muscles and back pain and does not feature head, arm or leg massage. If you are looking for a luxurious, indulgent experience, you may prefer a different massage chair.

Also, this massage chair would not be well suited for people who undergone surgery (like knee surgery) recently or who are elderly because of its low height.


  • Price is reasonable
  • Massage function that you can customize
  • 4 massage technique choices; tapping, rolling, kneading and compression
  • Choice of 3 automatic neck and back massage programs
  • Option for a gentle massage using Softening pads
  • 2 colour choices
  • Light in weight


  • Features are limited
  • Close to the floor making it hard to use for people who are not very mobile
  • Does not include a headrest
  • Does not offer function for arm or leg massage functions
Human Touch iJoy Robotic Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy Robotic Massage Chair



The iJoy-2310 is the perfect choice for someone on a budget who is looking for a no-fuss massage chair that is not too pricey. With functions that you can customize and 3 programs in auto mode, there is enough flexibility to give users enough choice to select specific areas of the back that require attention. This is a good option to help to target painful areas giving users a massage that is personalized without a hefty price-tag.

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