Inada FLEX 3S Massage Chair Review

In order to design the INADA FLEX 3s chair with a targeted focus on FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY, Inada partnered and consulted with Tadashi Kaneko, a prominent sports therapist from Japan.

Tadashi Kaneko’s influence assures that the user of the Inada Flex 3s massage chair will experience a quality Japanese stretch and massage.

This chair is one of a kind and allows you unlimited choices of mixing massage, stretching, and hot stone heating to achieve the ultimate flexibility, mobility, and a relaxing experience.

Inada Flex 3s

Inada Flex 3s


Is the Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair Worth Your Money?

Posture correction is just one of the ELEVEN PREPROGRAMMED OPTIONS that will help elevate your mood. Your back will realign to the natural “S” curve of your spine.

Deep breathing stimulation produced by the back and shoulder movements featured in this amazing chair will even exercise your diaphragm. It won’t take long to realize the priceless benefit you feel from using the Inada Flex 3s.

As your body is perfectly relaxed, and your mood is heightened at the end of every day, you will know the price was well worth the benefits that you receive.

Inada Flex 3s Specifications:

  • Power Supply and Frequency is AC 120 Volts, 60 HZ
  • Chair Weight is 165 Lbs.
  • Shipping Weight is 209 Lbs.
  • Upright Chair Dimensions are 52.4″ x 32.7″ x 41.7″
  • Reclined Chair Dimensions are 76.8″ x 32.7″ x 29.5″

Inada Flex 3s Features:

Hot stone technology releases the perfect heat to warm your body in all the right places. You will feel the release of tension and stress in your muscles without pressure. Your circulation will improve. Chronic and persistent pains will be relieved. This comforting warmth soothes the user who is recovering from the flu, a cough, or a cold.

Advanced stretching technology gives you the option of a full body stretch for an intense stretching session. You can choose a lighter more refined stretch for those times when you are not in the mood for intense stretching.

You get the perfect mixture of stretching and massage as your entire body is restored in either an UPRIGHT or a RECLINED position that is not available in some models.

A heavenly experience will be yours as the shoulder units provide an air massage right down to the tips of your fingers.

As the individual Shiatsu points are automatically located on your body, you will enjoy an intense massage with PIN POINT accuracy.

Ease of Use & Reliability:

The buttons on the stylish remote control are easy to use. LED lights illuminate your choices. You have the possibility of choosing from 1,000 possible manual massage combinations.

Inada chairs are well known in the industry for their quality and reliability.

Additional criteria:

The rollers move inward and outward as well as up and down with the 3D roller technology. These movements along with the air cell technology in the rollers serve up an intense massage of your back. Other chairs with 2D rollers cannot offer this intensity.

The roller width extension of the Inada Flex 3s exceeds that of other massage chairs. This allows your massage to reach the full width of your shoulders as well as reach the outer muscles of your hips.

You can adjust the kneading intensity of the 3D mechanical arm so that it is the most comfortable for you.

The back of the chair allows the user flexibility in choosing a comfortable reclining positioning angle between 115 degrees and 165 degrees.

INADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3s

INADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3s


Additional Pros

  • Hybrid Massage Function: This treats you to a rolling massage from your shoulders to your lower back. This may be combined with a lighter massage of your arms to your fingertips.
  • Change the Intensity: With just a single touch of either a preset function or a manual selection, you can easily adjust the intensity of your massage experience.
  • Flexion Stretch Function: The ottoman goes all the way up in an upright position with the flexion stretch function. This allows a more effective massage from the 3D rollers and airbags.
  • Warm-Up and Cool Down Programs: The Inada Flex 3s has warm up and cool down programs that are not available in most chairs.
  • Warranty: The chair has a three-year limited repair or replacement on-site service warranty.

A Few Cons

  • Zero Gravity Function: The Inada Flex 3s does not have the zero-gravity function.
  • Lumbar Heating Function: There is no lumbar heating function in the Inada Flex 3s chair.
  • Removable Head Rest: Some users have found that the removable headrest is not as comfortable as they would like it to be.
  • Hot Stone Massage Precautions: A hot stone massage is generally not recommended if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or are on medication that thins your blood. Use precaution if you are pregnant or if you have a sunburn.


The combination of the perfect stretch mixed with the finest Japanese massage and hot stone technology makes this chair very cost effective.

You will enjoy a luxurious session day after day conveniently in your own home whenever you need it. You will not have the extra cost of hiring a professional masseuse.

Who Is the Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair For?

The Inada Flex 3s chair is designed for individuals with slighter builds who are in the mid-height range. They find that it gives the perfect massage and stretch with a somewhat gentler touch than some of the other on the market.

Individuals who are posture and health conscious will be delighted with the full range of options available. You will receive a full body stretch and massage that will release, soothe, relax and invigorate you at the end of your busy day.

Our Opinion

The partnership of professional therapists with Inada is apparent in the design of the Inada Flex 3s massage chair. They have created a chair that features the most unique and effective flexibility and mobility benefits for the user. No other massage chair is a match when it comes to promoting your flexibility and mobility.

The chair will give you the ultimate customized stretch and massage combination.

The air bag compression along with the heat from the hot stone technology will soothe your arms, your legs, and your feet as no other massage chair will do.

Flex 3s

Flex 3s


Another Option worth Looking At:

A very tall or a very short person will have a more comfortable and effective massage experience in a DreamWave chair as it can accommodate a larger range of height sizes.

If the heat in your lumbar region is essential for you, a better choice would be the Inada DreamWave which does have the lumbar heat feature.

The Inada DreamWave and Inada Flex 3s roller and air cell massage technology are the same; however, DreamWave has twice the number of air cells as the Flex 3s.

The DreamWave airbags are able to massage the tops of your shoulders that the Flex 3s cannot reach.