Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair Review

The Infinity IT 8500 scans your body for troubled areas and massages you in all the right places, adding lumbar heat, and all the while you are enjoying your favorite music.

Is the Infinity IT 8500 Therapeutic Chair Worth Your Money?

You will see that the Infinity IT 8500 is the BEST INVESTMENT you can make in yourself. This investment will enrich your life by enhancing your own health, comfort and well-being.

Knowing that this amazing chair is waiting for you at the end of each day to restore your body to a state of ease and comfort by automatically sensing and relieving all of your muscular pain, stress, and tensions, from your neck down to an intense foot massage while compressing and stretching your spine.

The advanced multi-functional technology in this chair leads the industry in spinal correction.

Infinity IT 8500

Infinity IT 8500


Infinity IT-8500 Specifications:

  • Weight of Chair is 229 lbs.
  • Criteria for Power Voltage is AC 110 Volts-120 Volts, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Chair Dimensions in Upright Position: 59″ x 35.4″ x 45.7″
  • Chair Dimensions in Reclined Position: 74″ x 35.4″ x 36.2″

Infinity Massage Chair Features:

Whether you want to relax with a very light massage, recover with a deep tissue massage, refresh and revitalize with a lighter massage, or you need a deep tissue massage combined with stretching, you will find your body restoration from among the four automatic programs.

Enhance your experience by selecting from six manual styles of kneading, tapping, knocking, Shiatsu, and music synchronization.

Two Zero Gravity positions reflect what NASA believed to be the optimal postures for the astronauts and will handsomely enrich your massage experience as it releases the pressure from your lower back or any other pressure point.

You will feel those tired and tense muscles relax all the way from your neck and shoulders to your lumbar region as your heart rate stabilizes.

Airbags for the neck, shoulders, buttocks, thighs, feet, and calf areas provide constant movement and compression to enhance areas not easily reached and may give you the effect of feeling taller as you relax.

The Infinity IT 8500 therapeutic chair scans your unique body type for areas needing attention and delivers just the right remedy to ease and soothe every area of discomfort from your neck to your feet.

Ease of Use & Reliability:

Infinity has been putting out excellent chairs with very few breakdowns or warranty issues, and the Infinity IT 8500 is no exception. Once you get the hang of all the options on the control panel, you will find it simple to use.

Additional criteria:

The heat element in the lumbar region will warm and loosen those thick tissues of the lower back so that blood flows quicker to those areas which allows you to experience a better and deeper massage.

You can set the rollers to certain areas to work out knots in specific spots. The intensity and speed of the rollers and airbags can be easily adjusted to your own comfort.

You can schedule your massage to be anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, which is longer than any other chair at this time.





  • Four Preprogrammed Modes: This is an excellent feature which helps meet the needs of different users. It’s also possible to focus on any key areas you want with help of the manual mode.
  • Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage: The shoulder airbags envelope your whole shoulder, so even if you are tall and have a wide body frame, the Infinity IT 8500 is one of the few therapeutic massage chairs available that can accommodate you.
  • Tru-Grip V Stretch: This advanced programming grips your shoulders, arms, and lower body as the back of the chair and the ottoman raise and lower. This gives you a stretch unequaled by any other chair in the industry.


  • Foot Rollers: These rollers are too strong for some users and they may need to put a thick pad between the rollers and their feet.
  • Heat Temperature Settings: You have to be careful and ease into a comfortable temperature setting. If it is too hot and a roller pushes down on a particularly sensitive spot, it may be hard to get away from the roller and cause some momentary pain.
  • Chair Weight: The chair is very heavy and requires two people to move it.

Who Is the Infinity IT 8500 Massage Chair For?

The Infinity IT 8500 is for anyone who desires the ULTIMATE comfort in a therapeutic chair that will give you the next best thing to a professional massage anytime in your own home. Its flexibility is perfect for satisfying the needs of people of all sizes, shapes, and problematic areas.

The Accu-Roll shoulder massage and the Tru-Grip V inversion stretch technology provides the hardiest treatment for the toughest needs.

A unique slide rail conforms to the shape of your spine to maintain the natural “S” curve of your spine.

A highly tuned optical sensor gives you a targeted massage, including long and pressurized strokes that relieve back muscle tension and pain.

A swiveled seat helps maintain spinal alignment, and lumbar heat restores healthy circulation as your muscles relax.

You get foot reflexology with eight airbags and six state of the art rolling massagers for each foot.

Those who have chronic headaches will love the gentle motions of the soft pillow head rest.

Our Opinion

The IT Infinity 8500 therapeutic chair is an incredibly HIGH FUNCTIONING massage chair and will not let you down. As you become acquainted with all the powerful features that you have at your fingertips, you will soon make the decision to give your body a new lease on life.

Imagine easing all your soreness and releasing every pain and discomfort in your body, allowing you the best relaxation possible to settle in for a good night’s sleep. You can awaken each day with a fresh new well balanced body free of the usual morning stiffness, and you will never look back.

Infinity IT 8500 Massage Chair

Infinity IT 8500 Massage Chair


Another Option worth Looking At:

If your resources allow, you may consider a step up instead and go with the , which offers all the same features and benefits as the Infinity IT 8500, and also introduces unique new 3D technology.

The Infinity IT-8500 X3 has also added Bluetooth capability, and has re-designed the remote to make it even more user-friendly.