Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Review


If you are in the market for a massage chair and have been shopping around, you will probably have seen the Kahuna LM6800 model Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair / Recliner. If you have, you are no doubt aware that its price is a lot lower than many other comparable chairs such as the Inada Dreamwave.

While the higher prices models might be beyond your budget, it’s always a good idea to look at the full detail of lower priced models to determine if they are indeed worth the price. We will also try to determine if the quality of a cheaper product will in fact deliver on the deep relaxation you no doubt want, or if it is better to spend more money.

Introducing The Kahuna LM6800

Despite being significantly cheaper than many other similar products on the market, the LM 6800 has recently (July, 2019) had some great new features added. These include 3 Zero Gravity levels, as well as shoulder airbags with a double layer.

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Massage Chair

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Massage Chair


Overall, the LM6800 is affordable, yet it still offers the capabilities required to give you an amazing level of relaxation and comfort. One of the magic features that allows a total lower back and back massage is the so-called L-track design. Unlike other chairs that feature an S-track design, the L-track will give you a massage that starts at the buttocks and tail bone, and moves up along the spine all the way into the neck area.

Several other features such as the specialized shiatsu therapy as well as a special yoga program are surprising in a massage chair in this price bracket. This could very well mean that you don’t have to fork out a couple of thousands of dollars for a high end chair, but might get the same stunning features in this lower priced model. The features mentioned will be discussed in greater detail later in this article.

Summary Of The Kahuna LM-6800’s Main Features

The main features of the Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair are listed below. As mentioned before, we’ll discuss the full detail including the pros and cons of each later on.

  • Zero Gravity
  • L-Track Roller Design
  • Air Massage
  • Computer Body Scan Technology
  • Specialized Shiatsu Therapy
  • Auto Yoga Program
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Dual Foot Rollers

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 Spec

The product specification for the Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair Recliner with integrated L-Track are as follows:

Model NoLM-6800
Input Voltage Rating110 VAC / 220 VAC
Input Frequency Rating50 Hz / 60 Hz
Shipping Weight220 lbs. (100 KG)
Dimensions of packaging66 x 30 x 35 (inches)
Total Weight of Chair189 lbs. (86 KG)
Chair Dimensions When in the Reclined position55.5 x 30.0 x 48.5 (inches)
Effective User Height RangeN/A Note: Taller than average users may experience limited use:
MaterialUpholstered in Synthetic leather
Power Chord LengthN/A
Controller Cord LengthN/A
ManualPDF version available on request

Advantages and disadvantages of the Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair


  • Highly Affordable
  • Many Advanced Features
  • Massage Functionality is L-Track Based
  • Foot Rollers Included
  • Body Scan Features Included
  • Zero Gravity Feature Included
  • Excellent Warranty Cover


  • Although the number of high-end features that are available is surprising given the price, higher end models do have more features
  • The Kahuna Model LM 6800 Massage Chair might not be suitable for people of above average height
  • Can only be purchased in brown – no other color options are available
  • Compared to other chairs, the style and visual appeal is lacking

Kahuna LM6800’s main features review

Zero Gravity

It is rumored that Zero Gravity was first discovered by NASA, and was supposedly found to be the best position for the body to be in. The scientific jargon used is that it allows for “abnormal pressure to be dispersed throughout”.

It is pleasantly surprising to find the Zero Gravity feature on a massage chair such as the LM6800, especially given its low price.

In simple terms, Zero Gravity helps spread a user’s weight evenly across the chair. With the body weight spread in this way, it becomes feasible to reach a deep level of relaxation that would otherwise not be possible.

The “Zero Gravity” feature is surrounded by a huge amount of hype, especially in the massage chair marketing material. Having said that, many users who have experienced the feature find it extremely comfortable and almost always give very positive feedback. As such, it is certainly a feature well worth having in the LM6800 model of the Kahuna Massage Chair.

L-Track Roller Design

Another surprising feature of the Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair which is quite surprising especially when considering its price, is the L-Track roller design.

One would normally expect to see the S-Track system on a massage chair at this price point. The S-Track is not as complex as the L-Track is, and one would therefore assume that the L-track is more expensive to incorporate in the chair’s design.

Some clarification might be in order for those not familiar with the term “L-Track”. As mentioned, there are two types of rollers that are used in massage chairs – the S-Track and the L-Track. The difference between the two is that the S-Track only massages from the lower back to the neck, while the L-Track massages right down to the buttocks (or glutes) using horizontal movements.

This means that the fact that L-Track technology is built into the LM6800 is good news, as it gives the chair better massage capabilities than comparable models for this price.

Air Massage

Kahuna claims that its air massage technology is able to cover the needed surface area of the chair by using fewer airbags. To be honest, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to compare Kahuna’s airbag efficiency and coverage with the make and model of other manufacturers and brands, but the claim is made nonetheless.

Technology to do a Computer Body Scan

Many modern massage chairs nowadays incorporate a body scan feature. This technology enables the chair to provide a customized user experience based on the user’s specific measurements. It is good to note that Kahuna has included this feature, rather than omitting it due to the fact that the model LM-6800 comes at a cheaper price.

Specialized Shiatsu Therapy

Kahuna’s LM-6800 Shiatsu therapy programs have been designed to match the ancient Japanese Shiatsu massage technique. Shiatsu massage traditionally uses thumbs, fingers and palms to stretch and mobilize joints. This results in the patient relaxing and releases built up tensions in the muscles.

Auto Yoga Program

The LM6800 massage chair includes an Auto Yoga Program that will really allow the user to get a good stretch. Once again, this is not a feature one would normally expect in a lower priced massage chair. Users report that the yoga program does an excellent job to stretch out both the complete spine and the leg muscles.

“Space Saving” Technology

This might be one of the main features that will tilt a buyer towards buying the LM6800 rather than any other brand or model.

Space-saving technology translates to the LM6800 only needing five inches of space to be able to extend fully. This space is very small when compared to numerous other massage chairs, some of which require more than 15 inches to achieve the same result.

This is a really big win for the LM6800 massage chair as it becomes a great option for buyers who simply don’t have the extra space available in their homes, and really struggle when it comes to justifying getting a massage chair because of these space restrictions.

Dual Foot Rollers

It was a pleasant surprise to notice that a massage chair selling for this price included real dual foot rollers. Other, much more expensive chairs, such as the Osaki OS 4000 Massage Chair do not include foot rollers. Kudos to Kahuna for integrating this feature into their lower end model. This shows that they have really done their homework and paid attention to even the smallest detail.

Customers reviews from certified buyers of the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair


At the time of writing, more than 110 reviews have been posted on Amazon.com for the LM6800 massage chair from Kahuna. There are obviously many other places where the massage chair can be purchased online. If you check Amazon right now to check out some of the reviews, you’ll probably see that there are quite a few more reviews, depending on when you are reading this. It should also be noted that the majority of the reviews for the LM6800 are very positive.

The sheer volume of reviews is an indication that this massage chair, as well as it’s pricing, is very popular, especially for those who want to have the enjoyment of a massage chair, but are not prepared to spend an arm and a leg on its purchase.

Although the low price, when compared to other brands of massage chairs, is a major thread running through the positive reviews, another major positive that comes through strongly is that customers are very happy with both the number of features, as well as the quality of the massage treatments given by the LM6800 massage chair.

The major thread running through the negative reviews is that multiple users feel that the instruction manual sucks. At the time of writing, however, the Amazon listing shows that this issue has been resolved by providing an updated and improved manual in July 2016.

One other general problem that is apparent from the reviews is that taller users experience that the chair is sometimes too small for them. When we researched this chair, we found it difficult to reach a clear consensus on this issue. A number of other tall users did comment that they themselves, and their taller relatives were perfectly comfortable in this specific model massage chair, with one customer specifically stating that her 6 foot 4 inches tall son used the chair comfortably.

Kahuna Massage Chair

What Are The Problems With This Massage Chair?

It is, unfortunately, a reality of life that nothing, including the products out there, is perfect, and that also applies to the LM6800 massage chair from Kahuna.

We have already mentioned repeatedly that this massage is cheaper than most, and one would logically expect that some levels of quality have been sacrificed to achieve this. We have noted a number of complaints that were common, while there are also a number of limiting factors that you should be aware of.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that the LM 6800 massage chair from Kahuna is only suitable for domestic use. This means that the warranty cover is not applicable to commercial usage. This is however clearly stated on the Amazon product description page for the product.

We have already mentioned the debate on whether or not this model is suitable for taller people or not. This view is reinforced by a number of reviews that mention the fact that this model is not long enough, and will therefore not be a good fit for taller people.

Conversely, a number of taller buyers make specific comments that this model is in fact suitable for them and others that are even taller. The only height mentioned in this context is a person being 6’4” tall who reportedly has no problem using the chair and is in fact very comfortable in it.

As 3rd party feedback does not provide any definitive conclusion, the only option for taller people would be to try this model personally before buying it.

Another common complaint mentioned by buyers is the quality (or lack thereof) of the instruction manual. This is unfortunately a very common occurrence, especially if the manufacturer is a Chinese or Japanese company. These companies do however also happen to manufacture a number of the best massage chairs that are available in the market. In the specific case of Kahuna’s model LM6800 massage chair, the problems seems to have been resolved with the release of a new, improved manual in July 2019.

The final limiting factor we’ll discuss here is the fact that the LM6800 is only available for purchase in one color – the brown that is shown on the product page. While this might not be an issue at all for many, for others it might in fact be a deal-breaker. If this is the case, you might have to look at the LM7000. Although it is more expensive, it is available in a number of color options.

Where can I Purchase the Kahuna LM6800 Online?

When you buy any furniture, it’s always a good idea to buy it at a local outlet if at all possible. The reason for this is that you’ll have local support available if anything should go wrong and, no matter how good the product, sooner or later something will break, or it will require maintenance.

If you are however not able to source the LM-6800 locally, or you can’t get a good price, shopping online is certainly a valid option. In this specific case, it is clear that the LM6800 is exclusively available online, which means you won’t be able to buy it at any store.

If there is a local store close to you that sells massage chairs, it’s a good idea to check with them anyway before you buy online. What is published in marketing material might not always be strictly true, as ulterior motives such as increased sales could be behind the statement.

At this stage there are however not many options to buy the Kahuna LM6800 online. As far as we can tell at the time of writing, only Amazon.com stocks this specific model.

Kahuna LM-6800 VS SM-7300

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the LM6800 manufactured?

The LM6800 massage chair is manufactured in China, as is all Kahuna’s products

Is a massage session timer included in the controls?

Our research indicates that there is a massage session timer that is set automatically to 15 minutes per session. We have however seen one reseller stating that the timer is set for half an hour, but this is wrong. If you feel that 15 minutes it too short, you could switch from the automatic to manual mode, and back to the automatic mode during the 15 minutes. This will reset the auto timer to 15 minutes. Although this workaround will increase the time, it is not recommended to exceed 30 minutes per massaging session.

What is the maximum weight the LM6800 can handle?

The approximate maximum weight for users of this model is 220 lbs. or 100 Kg.

Is this chair durable and how long will it last if used regularly?

Existing customer report that the chair does indeed hold up very well when used regularly and ongoing over years. Considering the price of massage chair, this is actually something one would expect as one would presume that durability has been made a priority in the design. A specific customer mentioned that even after one and a half years of daily use, the upholstery was still absolutely perfect.

Will the LM6800 crack your back?

Based on user feedback, the LM6800 will not “crack” your back during a massage session. We found only one review where a user mentioned that she felt and heard “small cracks”, but she also mentioned that these were neither painful, nor problematic.

Will my forearms be massaged by this chair?

Unfortunately, the LM6800 does not provide the functionality to massage forearms. If you specifically require a chair with the functionality, we suggest you investigate the LM7800 model from Kahuna, as this does provide forearm (airbag) massage functionality.

How much noise does the Kahuna LM6800 make?

This is a very tricky question to answer, as everyone’s perception as to what constitutes loud or quit is different. That being said, we can look at the comments customers who have bought the LM6800 have made about the noise level. While one user specifically mentioned that the only noise they heard from the LM6800 was made by the air pump and described the general noise level as quit and smooth, another mentioned that although another person in the same room as the massage chair would be able to hear it, the noise produced was not overly loud. We have also found a number of reviews where the users state that if the TV is on while the chair is running, or they have music playing in the background, the “medium level noise” made by the massage chair is easily drowned out. In general, most users felt that the noise level produced by this specific model is very quit, although a few felt that it was too loud.

Why is there a cord on the seat padding of the LM6800?

The cord on the seat padding is used for the seat heating functionality of the LM6800. Plug this cord into the heat pad to use this function.

Can I try out this massage chair before I buy it from Amazon or any other online store?

Depending on your location, you might be able to try out this chair before buying it online. Simply do an online search for something like “kahuna lm6800 massage chair MY LOCATION” and try using various major cities close to you as MY LOCATION. By doing this, you may find a store close to you where you’ll be able to try out the Kahuna LM 6800 massage chair before you buy it. If this option is available, it is always a good idea to go to the store and try out the chair to make sure it meets your requirements before handing over your hard earned money.

Can this chair be used in Europe and other countries?

Yes, this chair is suitable for use in any country in the world. The only thing to watch out for is the power plug. You might need to buy a universal power adaptor to get the plug to fit into the type of power outlet your country uses.

Is the chair available in colors other than those shown in the images?

The chair is unfortunately only available in brown as shown.

How easy is it to assemble this chair?

It is reasonably easy to assemble the chair by following the instructions given in the manual. Although there have been a number of complaints that the manual is not very good, on Amazon, the seller “Good Price World” has created an instructional video that you can use to assemble the chair upon receipt. A simple search for this video should allow you to easily find it.

Is the chair suitable for users that are less than 5 feet in height?

Although the specifications of the chair do not mention any minimum height requirement, shorter users may not be able to use the foot massager properly. On Amazon, there is a statement made by the reseller claiming that they do in fact have shorter customers and that these are totally satisfied with the chair. In one of the reviews however, there is a comment that the airbags around the legs are too tight for a shorter customer due to their position relative to the chair. At the end of the day, the only way to really be sure if this massage chair will work for you if you are short is to try it out before you buy. Do research to find a local supplier close to you and go to them to ‘test drive’ the chair. If you can find better pricing online, you can still always order the chair that way once you’re sure it’s the right option for you.

What warranty comes with the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair?

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is covered by a three-year limited warranty that covers spares and labor. As mentioned before, this warranty is only applicable to domestic use.

How tight are the arm massages on the LM6800?

The tightness of the arm massages will obviously depend on your arm’s size. Once again the reviews are mixed in this regard, with some finding them too tight, while others specifically mention that they are comfortable even for people with big arms. If you do find the arm massages too tight, one possible solution would be to leave your arms outside the massage area during a massage session.

On Amazon.com is says that a new version was released in July 2019. Is this the version I’ll get when ordering from Amazon?

Yes, you’ll receive the latest version when placing your order on Amazon.

If I order this product from Amazon, when will it be delivered?

Delivery times are always dependent on your location and the delivery options that you specify. Good Price World state on Amazon that they’re normally able to deliver within 10 working days anywhere within the U.S. For other parts of the world, delivery will obviously take longer.

How wide is the chair at the shoulders?

The LM6800 is about 19 to 20 inches wide at the shoulders.

Can I adjust the shoulder pads to a different width?

No, the model LM6800 does not have the option to adjust the shoulder pads.

Can I get a cover for the chair?

No, there is no standard cover available for the LM6800. If you are thinking of having a cover made, this could be a problem as the chair contains a number of moving parts, and any cover not specifically made for this chair is bound to get stuck on these parts at some stage.

Will the chair massage the neck area at the base of the skull?

Yes, the Kahuna LM6800 will massage this area.

If I buy this chair from Amazon.com will I get a certificate of authenticity from Kahuna?

Good Price World, the seller of this chair on Amazon.com, states that when they supply this model, the warranty card that comes with it specifies that it is a Kahuna massage Chair manufactured by AJX LLC.

Will it be comfortable to sit in the LM6800 massage chair for extended periods, without actually doing a massage session?

Customer reviews on this subject are mixed, making it tricky to give a definitive answer. Any discomfort that might be experienced when sitting in the chair without actually running a massage session would be due to the rollers getting in the way. There are however others who stated that the rollers actually move retract while the chair is switched off, making it quite comfortable to sit in normally.

Will the chair massage the upper shoulder blades on the sides of the spine?

Yes, the LM6800 will massage the upper shoulder blades.

Will I get a full body massage including my neck and shoulders with this chair if I am around 5 feet in height?

Yes, the Kahuna LM6800 provides a full massage including the neck and shoulders for shorter people. This is confirmed by various customer reviews from people commenting specifically on this aspect.

What exactly does the LM6800’s foot massager do?

This model massage chair uses both roller and airbag technology in the foot massage area. It is equipped with six airbags on each side and also has three rollers. Six different automatic programs allow you to select which of these components should be used for a foot massage, and how they are used. As with most everything, whether or not the intensity of the foot massage you get from the chair is good for you will depend on your viewpoint. Customer reviews on this vary with some complaining that the foot massage is not intense enough, while others experience it as being too rough and hard.

Will there be any problems getting the chair into my house?

Getting the unassembled chair into your house should not present any problems as it is deliver in a number of different boxes. In the worst case scenario, if a specific box does not fit through a door, it’s easy to unpack the box first and then take the individual components inside. It should however be noted that the boxes are heavy, and it would be advisable to have at least another person assisting in carrying them to where they need to be. The Amazon seller supplying this model of massage chair also makes a very specific statement that they have not received any complaints whatsoever regarding getting the chair into the customer’s house.

What should the door width be to get the chair into my home or office whilst it is unassembled?

The minimum door width required is 28 inches (71 centimeters).

Do I have to assemble the chair, or is there an assembly service available?

Both options are available, albeit at different costs. Normally, the massage chair is supplied in a disassembled state and the customer is expected to do the assembly themselves. If this options does not suit you however, Good Price World offers a “white glove” service at an additional cost. This services includes assembly and in most cases, package removal.

How exactly does the “white glove” service work?

The get the white glove service, you’ll have to pay extra. While it’s not possible for us to tell you exactly what the amount will be, simple contact the seller on Amazon to find out. Once you have paid the white glove fee, the seller will arrange to have the massage chair assembled at your premises once it has been delivered. The white glove service often also includes for the person assembling the chair for you to dispose of any packing materials afterwards.

How many air bags does the Kahuna LM6800 have?

Strange as it may seem, we have been unable to determine the exact number of airbags in this chair. The closest we can get is between 30 and 40 airbags.

Will the Kahuna LM6800 be suitable for a person with a height of 6 feet or taller?

The customer reviews on this are mixed, with some saying it is suitable, while others feel that it is not. If you’re not sure, either test the chair first, or alternatively look at the LM7300 model which is definitely suitable.

Does this chair use a vibrating seat?

No, this chair does not use a vibrating seat. The massage functions are provided by roller and airbag technology.

Do the rollers go down to the hamstrings?

Customer reviews on this aspect are not clear, but it seems to be somewhere between blow the buttocks and above the knee. It might very well depend on your height.

Does this chair massage the buttocks?

Yes, the LM6800 does massage the glutes (buttocks).

Are the leg and feet sections heated?

Heating is mainly provided in the buttocks and back areas of the chair, although we have seen comments from customers stating that they’ve noticed some heat in the foot area.

Can the chair be used to massage only a specific areas of the body?

Yes, you can. You have options on the remote control where you can choose which part of the body you want to do a manual massage for.

What’s the maximum user weight for this massage chair?

The maximum recommended weight for the Kahuna LM6800 is 210 lbs. (95 Kg).

Is there a twisting motion for the hip?

No, this model does not offer a twisting motion in the hip area. This feature is normally only available in massage chairs that sell for a lot more than what the LM6800 does. The only option in this model that comes close to that is the leg stretching feature that can be experienced in yoga mode.

Are the airbags loose or do they hold you in place?

The answer to this question will depend entirely on the body shape of the person using the chair. Thinner, ‘lanky’ users will probably have spare room available, while the fuller figure will tend to be held tighter.

Does the LM6800 come with a remote control?

Yes, a remote control is included with the LM6800, although it should be noted that the remote control is not wireless, but uses a cord. The remote control provides you will many features that can be selected or adjusted.

I have seen comments that the foot massage of the LM6800 is too strong. Is this a known problem?

While some customers do indeed find the foot massage too strong, others complain that it is too weak. While nothing can be done about the latter, if you find the foot massage too strong this is easily remedied by adding additional padding such as a cushion to the area. Users have however also commented that with time, they get used to the strong foot massage action and then actually find it very enjoyable.

Is the remote control easy to use?

As with any new or unfamiliar device or technology, it is not reasonable to expect to instantly and intuitive know what every button or control does. Although the LM6800 is not rocket science, it does offer a rich set of features which can be controller and adjusted by using the remote control. As such, there will be a learning curve involved, although it is not particularly steep. You will need some time to learn what all the buttons do and how to operate them. Simply refer to the manual when you’re stuck, or experiment to see what happens when you push a button. Although experimenting will get you far, there might be more subtle adjustments that you’ll miss when you only learn by this method. At least glance through the manual to get an overall feel for what is possible.

How does the LM6800 body scanner work?

The body scanner on the LM6800 is simply used to scan the user’s body shape, including the height and width. This is done so that the chair is able to provide the most efficient massage possible, helping you relax and loosening up all those tight muscles.

Is the Kahuna LM6800 registered with the FDA?

Yes, the Kahuna LM6800 is registered with the FDA.

Does the LM6800 massage in 3 dimensions, i.e. do the rollers move in more than just 2 dimensions – left and right, up and down, as well as “come out”?

No, the LM6800 does not massage in three dimensions, only in two. The Kahuna massage chair models LM7800, LM8800, and LM8800-S models do however all have 3D massage capabilities.

Does the version released in July 2019 look the same as the older version?

Yes, the looks of the chair has not changed pre and post-July 2019, so the images on Amazon are accurate for both versions. The only change to the new version is new functionality that has been included

Why does the LM7000 cost more than the LM6800? Wat are the difference between the two models?

The model LM7000 is more advanced than the LM6800 and includes a number of extra features that are not available on the LM6800. According to the seller, the additional features are: - A new remote control that has been redesigned to make it easier to operate - Bluetooth speakers built-in - The LM7000 is available in more colors than just the brown in which the LM6800 is available - The software on the remote control has been upgraded New and improved warranty policy

What do I do when I need a replacement part?

Good Price World, the seller for this product will be able to supply you with replacement parts. Their telephone number is: 714-388-2625 (U.S. number – add international dialing code when phoning from outside the USA)

What are the exact component dimensions when shipped?

Component dimensions are as follows: - Side Panels: (L) 33 x (W) 7 x (H) 28 (inches) - Shoulder Panels: (L) 17 x (W) 4 x (H) 13 (inches) - Chair: (L) 63 x (W) 25 x (H) 33 (inches) A number of smaller boxes containing bolts, accessories, and cushions are also included in the shipment.

Will the leather crack or give any other problems over time?

Synthetic leather is very durable, especially when used on furniture that has a range of movement as this massage chair does. Customer reviews do not indicate that any have experienced problems with the upholstery of the chair.

What are the dimensions of the interior seat?

The shoulder area is 22 inches wide, while the actual seat is 20 inches wide.

How does Yoga mode work?

The yoga option performs a full-body stretch. The chair will hold you in position by firming around the arms and feet, and then bend your spine backward slightly while pulling your feet downward. This movement has been designed to stretch both your legs and your back.

What are the differences between the Kahuna LM6800 and the Osaki OS 4000 massage chair?

The first big difference is that the Kahuna LM6800 is a lot cheaper than the Osaki OS 4000. The Osaki OS 4000 uses an S-Track roller system as opposed to the L-Track system used by the LM6800. The S-track is limited in that it does not go past the lower back and buttocks as the L-track does. Finally, the OS 4000 has no integrated heating option, and uses more space when in the reclined position. The Osaki uses 15 to 20 inches to reach its fully extended position, while the LM6800 only requires 5 inches of space achieve the same

Where can I buy a new remote control?

When you need a replacement remote control, or any other spare part, the best thing to do is to contact the seller directly. If you’ve bought the item on Amazon, the seller’s details will be available on the website.

Do the airbags provide strong or weak massage pressure?

The customer reviews on this subject all agree that the massage pressure of the LM6800 is very good. As there are three massage level intensity settings available, you can easily select the one that is most suitable for you.

How is a neck massage done with the LM6800?

The LM6800 does a neck massage by using only the L-Track 2D rollers.

How is a shoulder massage done with the LM6800?

The LM6800 does a shoulder massage by using a combination of the L-Track 2D rollers and airbags.

Which component of the chair is the heaviest, and how much does it weigh?

The chair components are delivered separately in boxes. The mainframe of the chair is the heaviest and it weighs about 180 lbs. (82 Kg). This is the weight without the side panels being attached, as these are shipped in a separate box.

Can I extend the foot section of the LM6800 to accommodate a taller person?

The foot section of the LM6800 can be extended, although it is unclear to which degree this is possible. While some customer reviews mention that the massage chair is perfectly suitable for taller people (a height of 6 feet 4 inches is mentioned in one review), others feel that this chair is not suitable for people taller than 6 feet. We recommend that wherever possible, taller people should test out this chair before buying it to make sure they are comfortable in it. Another alternative would be to rather buy one of the other Kahuna massage chair models, such as the LM7800, LM8800, or LM8800-S models.

Will there be a problem with delivery if I don’t live on the ground floor?

As long as the seller is made aware of any special delivery requirements, such as having to take the chair up a number of stairs before you buy the item, they’ll be able to cater for these requirements by arranging e.g. a two man team to do the delivery. It is possible that you’ll have to arrange and pay for the ‘white glove’ service in a case like this.

What are the differences between the model LM6800 and LM7000?

The LM7000 is slightly more expensive than what the LM6800 is. The seller claims that the LM700 will provide a smoother massage. The LM7000 also has a built-in speaker that is not a feature of the LM6800. The overall design of the LM7000 is supposedly more fashionable and modern. Finally, the LM7000’s remote control has additional features built in and the automatic massage time can be adjusted and does not only have a 15 minute setting as does the LM6800

If I live outside the USA, will the Kahuna LM6800 work with my power outlets?

The power specifications for the Kahuna should make it suitable to work virtually anywhere in the world. Your biggest challenge will most likely be to find a universal plug to use on your country’s socket type. Having said that, to be absolutely sure, check the power specifications below. If the specs are not suitable for your country, you might have to buy a separate adapter or transformer. - Voltage Rating: 110 to 220 VAC - Frequency Rating: 50 / 60 Hz - Power Consumption Rating: 230W Max

According to the manual, the LM6800 has 2 Yoga modes. Where can I find the different modes?

The first yoga mode can be accessed via the preset yoga button on the remote controller. Access to the second yoga mode can be done via the 4th the auto mode program.

Is adjustable roller intensity available on this chair?

Yes, the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair has three levels of massage intensity that can be set. Even at the lowest settings, some users still feel that the massage is too intense. To overcome this, simply use some extra padding such as a towel or a pillow to dampen the massage somewhat.

I have purchased the chair but am not able to find any warranty detail. What do I do?

Although there should always be a separate warranty card enclosed with the massage chair’s documentation, if this was misplaced or somehow got lost it’s not a problem. Simply register your warranty by completing the online warranty form that can be found at the following link: http://www.kahunachair.com/warranty-form/

What are the various massage techniques utilized by this chair?

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair utilizes the following massage techniques: - Kneading - Shiatsu - Tapping - Clapping - Rolling

Is this product eligible for a flexible spending account (FSA)?

According to the seller on Amazon.com, this will be subject to the insurance type that the buyer has. The seller also seems to be aware of a number of customers who have in fact been reimbursed.

Is it possible to a massage without the arm and calf sections?

Yes, the LM6800 can do a massage that excludes the arm and calf sections. This is achieved by running the chair in Manual Mode. This mode only incorporates a back and buttocks massage.

As the chair is covered in synthetic leather, does it have any unpleasant “plastic” smell, especially after several months or years of use?

A number of customers that have been using the LM6800 regularly for an extended period have commented that they have never experienced unpleasant smells coming from the chair.

How do I reduce the calf pressure?

The calf pressure can be reduced by using the “Air Pressure Button”. The adjustment for intensity with ratings from 1 to 3 can be found near the upper right hand corner of the remote control

Will there be any issues when using the chair in a room that is carpeted?

Using the Kahuna massage chair in a carpeted room does not present a problem. You should however be aware that due to the chair’s weight, it will likely leave imprints on the carpet. If this is a problem, we suggest you use some type of mat to prevent this from happening. Although the chair’s wheels makes it a lot easier to move when required, this will be harder to do on a carpet than it would be on a hard floor.

Can I remove the foot panel?

Theoretically, you can make any modifications to the chair that you want. It is however common practice with manufacturers that any modification made to a product automatically voids the warranty. Always check to make sure if this is the case before modifying the chair in any way.

How many motors does the LM6800 use?

The LM-6800 has 2 motors.

Verdict – Does the LM6800 offer value for money despite its low price?

Kahuna LM6800 Full Body Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800 Full Body Massage Chair


If you want a massage chair that will do a decent job but won’t break the bank, we’re sure that by reading this article you’ll agree with us that the LM6800 definitely offers tremendous value for money.

The Kahuna model LM6800 massage chair is packed with features that many of the higher-priced chairs lack, including the integrated lumbar heating and the L-Track Roller Design.

Kahuna has done an excellent job by creating an affordable option for users who really want the benefits of a massage chair in order to relax deeply in luxury.

If you simply want a very good massage chair at a fair price, but would also like some of the features available in the higher-priced models, we’re pretty sure you won’t find a better deal than the Kahuna model LM6800 massage chair.

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