Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300 Review

Do you have problems finding an appropriate massage chair because of your height? Are you tired of searching for a solution to help you deal with pain that is chronic? If the answer is yes, then you will be very pleased to read this Kahuna SM7300 product review.

This massage chair is custom designed for people who are tall and are larger than the average user, making it a useful option in the Kahuna massage chairs line.

We have reviewed the features in great detail make it easier for you to select the massage chair that best suits your preferences.

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair With New SL-Track With 6 Rollers – SM-7300: Overview

The first thing that is noteworthy is not a feature, but is something that is well-noticed, the price.

The size will impress you! It is much bigger, sturdier and wider than similar chairs. It can support users who weigh as much as 320 pounds and are as tall as 6’5”. This is the perfect chair for big or tall users!

Most chairs are only made for people who are a maximum of 6 feet in height who weigh around 220 pounds. In fact, even chairs that come with extensions for the legs are made for users who are a maximum of 6’3” in height.  This is important to consider, as it is generally impossible for heavy set men or men who are over this height to enjoy chair massages. It was a great move for Kahuna to cater to this overlooked market sector.

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair With New SL-Track With 6 Rollers

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair With New SL-Track With 6 Rollers


Features of the KAHUNA SM7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna spared no expense when they chose to build their chair around the cutting edge Hybrid L/S track. In addition to providing the same advantages that the basic S Track design brought, it also extends further along the track. This means that the thighs and the gluteus also receive a massage making the overall experience much more complete and satisfying.

3-D Body Scan

By adding the 3-D Body Scanning Technology, the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair has ensured that the user will get the maximum therapeutic benefits.  This advanced feature makes certain that the rollers are reaching the pressure points of each user by doing a full-body scan before every massage begins to provide an optimal, personalized massage experience.

The SM7300 even allows users to adjust the width of the massage field and roller position manually by using the remote control. Kahuna has gone the extra mile to make sure that your massage experience is catered specifically to your body, and is perfect every time!


This is an impressive feature! Current standards in this industry promote the use a four roller system. Kahuna is using a leading edge system that uses this technology with a mid-range massage chair model.

While this system is quite efficient at mimicking the sensation of a real massage with human hands, having an increased number of rollers increases the surface area covered and also offers additional roller motions. This improves your massage experience dramatically.

​Designed To Save Space

Mid-range chairs on the higher end of the spectrum offer this feature, but is hardly seen at this price. Using a remarkable feat of engineering, Kahuna has made it easy by creating a design which saves space. It requires only 3” of room between the wall and the back part of the chair to be able to recline the SM7300 fully.

Zero Gravity Seating

What a pleasure to have this feature and the SM7300 does offer it even though it is only in one setting. This is a little surprising as most chairs offered by this company provide an option of up to three settings. Even so, this feature does improve the overall massage experience and is a welcome addition.

Zero-G seating basically reclines the user so that the knees are in a higher position than the heart. This way, the weight of the user pushes them down and makes it easier for the rollers to give a more penetrating and deeper massage. The experience is enhanced further since there are not four, but six rollers.

Loads Of Options

Based on the price of this massage chair, it really has loads of options to select from when it comes to crafting your massage experience, including:

Programs: FIVE AUTO MASSAGE selections

  • Refresh
  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Recovery
  • Yoga Stretching


  • Shiatsu
  • Knocking
  • Tapping + Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Kneading

To make things even better, the SM7300 has an impressive choice of massage modes that cater to different groups of users. You can choose from:

  • Dynamic Sports Mode– this is a powerful massage that will really get your blood moving.
  • Golfer Mode– this massage targets specific areas – the legs, hips and lower back
  • Senior Mode– this massage is gentle and cover the whole body
  • Office Person– this massage option targets the shoulders and neck

Even with all these choices, you have an added option of creating a customized massage experience. With each of the available options you also have the ability to choose between three intensity levels using your remote control.

Body Stretch Option

The “Yoga Stretch” pre-programmed massage option is worth highlighting. There is nothing that gives instant relief like a good stretch and Kahuna’s body stretch option is a great way to do it!

Prepare yourself for a good stretch when you initially use the system though, since it is quite a strong stretch. However, it is worth relieving the pressure from the compressed spinal discs this way, as it offers relief that other methods are unable to. This is truly a useful additional feature offered by the SM7300.

Heated Lumbar Region

This is another much loved feature that Kahuna has in many of its models. It is often offered in the lumbar and leg massage area. In any case it is indeed a welcome additional feature.

This feature is a favourite for users who experience back pain that is chronic. The one noticeable shortcoming is the inability to control the temperature. While this won’t affect your overall massage experience too much, it would be a nice feature to have given that Kahuna gives so many options to control other parts of the massage experience.

Zone Massage

A lot of Kahuna models offer this attractive feature. You can use the button on your remote control to activate a “Zone” that you want to focus on. When you find an area you want to work on and depress the “Zone” button, the rollers stay within 6 inches of that location to provide the extra attention that you require. This is a great feature that helps to customize your massage experience.

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 with SL-Track

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 with SL-Track


Air Massage

While it is not specified by Kahuna, the company web page shows that there are eighteen Second Generation airbags found throughout the SM7300 massage chair. Using the remote control, you are able to control the massage intensity on three levels. This is sufficient to give your whole body an excellent massage.

Feet And Calf Massage

The Kahuna SM 7300 massage chair offers an excellent calf massage through airbags which form part of the leg massage ports. The foot massage is even better, and is probably the best you will receive from a massage chair, irrespective of price.

This kind of massage uses a unique methodology that uses various techniques that are performed on the feet simultaneously. The kneading, rolling and scraping motion provide instant relief and an extraordinary massage experience for users.

If you stand at work all day, you will really enjoy this feature!

Extendable Ottoman

The success of this massage chair is predominantly the result of the extendable ottoman. By adding an extra extension to this ottoman, Kahuna has crafted this chair to cater to tall users who have never had a chair which was designed with their specific needs in mind.

Simple Remote Control

This chair is loaded with so many great features, and fortunately, the remote control for the SM7300 is very well-designed and quite easy to use.

You will be able to enjoy a massage fairly quickly once you get your chair. After a few hours of using the chair, you will have mastered how to control all the features to perfect your massage experience.

It won’t be long before you enjoy your first massage and within a couple of hours you will have mastered everything you need to set up a relaxing massage cater to your preferences. You will appreciate Kahuna’s fabulous design and layout when it comes to the remote control making is a pleasure to use.

Adjustable Timer

This massage chair offers massages in ten-minute segments. For people who prefer a longer massage, an adjustable timer can be used to add more time. Using the remote control, the user can add increments of ten minutes to extend their massage for up to 30 minutes.  This is a welcome feature when extra massage time and relaxation is just what you need.

LED Lights

Blue LED lights on both sides of the Kahuna SM 7300 create a relaxing ambiance if you are in a room with dim lighting. This gentle lighting will most definitely enhance your overall enjoyment.

Convenience Features

Kahuna has made it simple when it comes to keeping your chair in great shape. You can simply unzip the external covering and replace it with a new one when it starts to wear out. The leg ports are often the first to show signs of wear and tear but with this nifty option, your chair will be looking new in no time!

Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 ​Pros And Cons

This massage chair is grand in its size, durability, and design. It has numerous useful features and many of them have great therapeutic value. Although several things could have been added or improved, there are a lot of great things this chair has to offer.

As mentioned earlier the ability to control the heating temperature and the addition of calf heat would be something to improve when this model is updated.

In addition, it is surprising that the MP3 option is unavailable and was not included in the design. In fact if designers were given a choice, MP3 support would be a more attractive feature than LED lighting and this chair would really benefit from adding it.

Lastly, the SM7300’s appeal would be significantly enhanced if the Zero-Gravity seating offered the ability to adjust between different zero-gravity seating positions.

Even with these shortcomings combined, this is still an excellent massage chair.

Kahuna Superior SL-Track Massage Chair SM-7300

Kahuna Superior SL-Track Massage Chair SM-7300


Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 Installation Guide

Review Conclusion

This massage chair can quite simply be described as a masterpiece. It is also unique since it is one on the only massage chairs that is made for users who are big or tall. When it comes to value for money, you won’t find anything better – this chair gets five stars.

It also has many therapeutic features and is a great option for users with chronic pain, no matter what size they are.  With its low price point even casual users will find that they get great value for the money they have spent.

The final verdict on the Kahuna SM-7300 is that it is a great chair all around and it is highly recommended.

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