Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair Review

Massage on a regular basis can be pleasurable and most definitely beneficial to a person’s health. Electric massage chairs have been around in one form or another since before world war two.

Massage chairs like everything else due to market forces are always evolving. New technology plays a big part in this. Gone are the days when the only feature a massage chair had was vibration. One modern day massage chair worth looking at is the Osaki OS-4000T.

Where is it manufactured?

The OSAKI Massage Chair brand has been around for decades. Based in the U.S.A., the chairs are manufactured in and imported from China. The vast majority of massage chairs sold in the U.S are imported from China.

Osaki OS-4000T S Track Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000T S Track Massage Chair


Height and Weight Restrictions – for users up to 6’4in height and 265 lbs in weight.

Chair Dimensions – (Upright) 46in L x 32in W x 47in H (Reclined) 76in L x 32in W x 47in H

First Impressions

A very stylish looking chair which will not look out of place in the majority of homes. Given the four dual colour combinations available black and beige, brown and black, charcoal and beige and white and beige. Matching any room’s décor should be easy.

Covered with a thick synthetic leather the chair is much easier to look after. One feature I like are the two roller type wheels at the rear of the base. The wheels make it incredibly easy to move the chair around. You just tilt the chair back to a 45-degree angle and push it to wherever you want it brilliant!

How hard is it to assemble?

As always it depends on your ability to read, understand and perform each step in the correct sequence as per instructions. Mechanical experience is not essential for this.

You have to fit and secure the two side panels (with screws) followed by the backrest. Plus, matching some other bits and pieces along the way such as joining some air lines that are all colour coded.

Obviously, this is just a very rough summary of the procedure. There are seven steps to follow in sequence. An extra person is required For two of these steps.

The steps in the instruction manual are very detailed and include images. Quite a few people have had difficulty with this (customer reviews). Amazon offers a platinum white glove service whereby products can be delivered and assembled.

Osaki OS-4000T Features

This chair has a multitude of features and settings and contains features usually reserved for more expensive high-end chairs.There is much fun to be had exploring the different settings this chair has. You will be like a kid with a new toy!

The Main Control Unit

Mounted on an adjustable pedestal the control unit very easy to read even in when lying back in the zero gravity position. It has a liquid crystal display that will glow in the dark. The layout is good with large easy to read buttons. In the centre, there is a large screen showing a diagram of the body and what is happening at any given time.

The Wireless Remote

A very handy addition the wireless remote is held in place in a magnetic tray in the upper right-hand corner of the main control unit. It has buttons that control the speed of the rollers and air bag intensity. You can adjust the chair position, extend the ottoman and even pause the massage if the need arises.

Body Scan

An essential feature on modern massage chairs is a body scan. Every spine can have subtle differences depending on age, height, weight not to mention the wear and tear a person’s spine may have sustained over the years.

Body scan allows the chair to take measurements at different points on the spine accurately. After which the results are converted into a detailed map for the rollers to follow. All of this helps to ensure a perfect massage no matter what size or shape you are.

Zero Gravity

NASA first developed the zero gravity position. Their astronauts were the first people to use it. They found it took the pressure of the spine during the launch effectively spreading the weight more evenly.

It also gave a feeling of weightlessness, hence the name. This technology is a perfect fit for massage chairs. Taking the pressure of the spine and releasing tension in the surrounding muscles has distinct advantages.

Relaxation being the main one. Aligning the spine can also be less of a challenge when in this position. This chair comes equipped with two stages of zero gravity. The second stage reclines further back

Osaki OS-4000 T Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000 T Zero-Gravity Massage Chair


Automatic Massage Modes

The chair has five full body automatic massage modes they are- Healthcare, Relax, Smart, Circulation and Demo. It also has three automatic localised modes neck and shoulder, back and lumbar plus full air.

Full air activates the air bag’s auto squeeze option on the seat, lumbar, back, shoulder, neck, calves and feet. I really enjoyed the neck massage. The neck is a real problem area for me. Massage time adjustment is from 5-30 mins. But wait there’s more!

Manual Mode

By opening a little flap on the main control unit, you will find even more buttons. Here you can experiment and hopefully create your perfect massage. Once again you have many options.

To start with you have six of the best massage styles to choose from shiatsu, Swedish, tapping, rolling, kneading and clapping. Then you can decide to have a full body, spot, or partial massage. After that, you have five different levels of speed and intensity plus three different roller widths. Perfect for those occasions when you want to experiment and concentrate on one problem area


Heat plays quite a few important roles in massage. It increases blood flow which in turn allows more oxygen and nutrients to enter the area. Because of this, you will have less pain and stiffness.

All of this, in turn, promotes relaxation. Which in turn helps with the massage making it easier to release knotted muscles. This chair comes equipped with two heating pads located in the lumbar region.

Despite my scepticism, I found the heat extended right up to my neck. However, I did have the pillow and pad flipped over. When you do this, it does give you a stronger massage in the neck area which I need.Heating can quickly be turned off if not required.


Located in the seat is are vibrating plates that worked wonders on my lower back. The vibrations also travelled further up the spine.

I think it may have been designed for the use on the thighs as well. Regardless of the thinking behind it. This feature works well. Vibration, if not required can easily be turned off.


The 4000-T comes equipped with 38 airbags. They are used during the massage to squeeze and release on the different parts of the body. With adjustable air pressure and intensity (1-5) The airbags are positioned on the chair as follows-

  • Calves – 8
  • Neck – 3
  • Side of seat – 6
  • Shoulder – 2
  • Feet – 6
  • Hip – 3
  • Lower back – 2
  • Arm and hand – 8


Stretching is yet another technique in this massage chair’s arsenal. It can help improve blood flow to the muscles which in turn helps in the repair process.

It also aids in the removal of toxins built up due to long periods of inactivity. However, the main benefit that people will notice is the increased flexibility with little or no pain. Just imagine being able to twist or bend down again without pain.

By using some of the air bags, the 4000-T can create a beautiful deep stretch to parts of the body (shoulders, lower back and hips). They do this by alternating inflation and deflation from side to side across the chair. This has the desired effect of stretching the muscles in the body.

The Rollers

The 4000-T can replicate the feel of the human thumb due to its extra soft quad style roller. (very nice) Running along a 30-inch “S” track following the spine the width of the rollers can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. Roller speed and intensity can also be adjusted.

The Foot Rollers

The 4000-T has some unique and efficient foot rollers. At the bottom of the feet, there are two rows of spinning rollers designed to stimulate various reflexology points. They produce a kneading sensation.

The bottom of the feet contains many reflexology points directly related to internal organs, for example, the heart, kidneys and liver. For some people with health problems, this may be the most beneficial part of the massage. With just the touch of a button, the foot rollers can easily be turned off.


  • The 4000-T comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Extended warranties are available.
  • First Year-Parts-Labour-Structural Framework
  • Second Year-Parts-Structural Framework
  • Third Year-Structural Framework
Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair


Final Thoughts

A very impressive massage chair that has features usually only found in more expensive high-end chairs. The control unit is very user-friendly and contains more than enough settings for that perfect massage.

The only thing missing is the ability to create a personal memory setting. I think this chair is best suited to people with a small to medium build.

For someone with broad shoulders, it could be a tight squeeze between the shoulder supports. Otherwise, I could not fault this chair it does what it was designed to do give a great massage. Overall in this price range, I think the OSAKI 4000-T is a good value for money chair.

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