Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Review

Ever wonder what real comfort is? The Osaki OS-7200H massage chair is one of the most luxurious chair options that you can possibly choose from and you’ll find out just why in our review. Oozing quality and features that are far beyond most previous technologies, there is little in the way of negative words that can be said about this outstanding offering from the guys and girls at Osaki technology.

From top to toe this chair can massage it all, leaving you feeling relaxed and soothed, and perhaps more importantly free from the aches and pains of modern-day life. We all know this crazy world can get us down at the best of times, so why not treat yourself to something truly special?

So without further delay let’s take a look at the features of the OS-7200H before we go into things in more detail…

Features of the OS-7200H at a Glance

An impressive list of features, far too many to possibly list here but some of the key ones are as follows…

Osaki OS-7200H Heated Massage Chair

Osaki OS-7200H Heated Massage Chair


  • Boasting an impressive 51 air bags this chair can massage even the most difficult to sooth areas.
  • Twin rollers may be standard on most high end chairs, but combine with the Body Scan technology they can really get to the core of your discomfort.
  • The zero gravity position comes as standard on most of Osaki’s chairs and it’s easy to see why as it offers perfect spine positioning, relieving the stress on your body.
  • Osaki’s clever little Body Scan technology allows the chair to adapt its massage program to each individual user, it will even cater for anyone with legs of different lengths (not too sure how many of us that is but it’s always nice to know!).

An In Depth Look at the Osaki OS-7200H

One of the best features of the Osaki massage chair is of course the internal heating mechanism. Leather can be cold and during the winter months it is especially nice to have something that can warm you up and make you feel more comfortable. Not to mention the obvious benefit of applied heat during any massage, particularly for those of us who suffer from lower back pain.

The Osaki massage chair features an internal heater that will provide you with enough heat to feel tremendous whenever you need. As an added bonus, even if you aren’t in the mood for a full body massage, you can jump in the chair for some heated seating just to get warmed up!

We touched on this above but like most massage chairs on the market these days the Osaki OS-7200H has a fully reclining zero gravity position. Why is this important you may ask? Well, that answer is simple…

When the spine is manoeuvres into this zero gravity position any pressure on it is relieved as it is no longer supporting your upper body, the weight instead being taken by the chair itself. This zero gravity position alone can alleviate many of the stresses and strains that the body has thrust upon it in our every day life.

Sitting is not as natural a position for the spine compared to laying backwards so the Osaki OS-7200H makes it possible to enjoy that feature.

The computer body scan technology employed by the Osaki heated massage chair is yet another reason why it is so important to stay on the lookout for great new technologies. This body scan can make sure that you are getting the most appropriate massage throughout the back, and indeed full body, so that you are not focusing on one particular aspect too much. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy a much more complete massage!

Osaki OS-7200H Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS-7200H Zero Gravity Massage Chair


This body scan technology is capable of adapting it’s inbuilt massage programs to accommodate any body shape or size, which is really quite neat when you think about it. As i’m sure you’re aware everyone’s body is different and we come in all different shapes and sizes so it makes sense that you will get a better massage from a programmer tailored just for your body.

Like listening to music whilst you enjoy your massage? Me too! And we’re certainly not alone which is why the OS-7200H’s next feature is one of my favourites. You see the Osaki massage chair comes with a MP3 attachment that will enable you to take advantage of your music while using the chair. Best of all, the chair can actually adjust it’s massage program to match the beat of the music!

Ok, i’ll admit i haven’t tried this feature with the likes of drum and bass! But personally i find it an amazing feature when accompanied by some chill out music or i find that operatic music works great with the chair too.

Osaki Heated Chair Cost

Of course, one of the main factors in determining whether or not you are going to purchase a product is the cost. While there is ample evidence that the Osaki massage chair can provide you with a fabulously relaxing time, it is important to recognize the high cost associated with the chair.

It is definitely not the highest costing luxury massage chair that you will find on the market, but it is more expensive than some of the other stand alone options by a long way. Coming in at just under $4k it’s firmly in the top end of the market with regards to price, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for and the Osaki OS-7200H is a beast of chair.

That being said, given the price compared to other luxury chairs that have fewer or the same features, it is a great value. Your money goes a lot farther with Osaki as a brand and this massage chair specifically has a lot to offer anyone.

Osaki OS-7200H Zero Gravity S-Track Heater Massage Chair

Osaki OS-7200H Zero Gravity S-Track Heater Massage Chair


Is the Osaki Massage Chair Right For You?

Anyone who is thinking about purchasing an Osaki OS-7200H Zero Gravity massage chair should review whether it is the right option. There are plenty of features and reasons why the Osaki heated massage chair could be a great item. Of course, the heating, the music feature and the new technology that emphasizes a full massage are all very valuable.

Still, it is important to weigh the cost and determine whether the product will fit your budget. If so, you will find that this is one of the best value massage chairs around. In fact, i’d go as far as to say there it only has one competitor, though at half the price it could prove to be a bargain both now and for many wonderfully relaxed years to come.

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