RelaxonChair MK-II PLUS Review

If you have finally decided on investing in a massage chair to relieve your aching muscles, sore back or just to relax after a hard day at work, this article is just for you! Massage chairs have become a popular option for people who are suffering from chronic pain whether it is due to medical issues like arthritis or if it is due to an injury. Some people just want to bring massage therapy home and enjoy a more stress-free and relaxing life.

Since this type of investment can come with quite a high price tag (anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars), it is important that you know what you are looking for so you find a chair that fits your needs. Your goal should be to select a chair that fits your budget, offers you the most value for what you spend and it should suit your massage needs.

If you are looking for a high quality massage chair with a good reputation, great features in the lower-price range (under $2,000); you will find this review of the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus massage chair particularly helpful. While this model is the updated version of the Relaxonchair MK-II chair, the Relaxonchair company carries slightly pricier chairs that offer a few more features, like the MK-V. If you are looking for a chair that has numerous benefits and features at an affordable price, the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus massage chair might be the perfect chair for you.

While this massage chair may not have every possible feature, it does have all the necessary ones. Instead of you having to research the internet for information yourself, we have consolidated the manufacturer’s thoughts, as well as those of users, to help you decide on the best massage chair for you.

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-in Heat and Air Massage

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-in Heat and Air Massage


You will find:

  • A full list of benefits, features as well as specifications
  • Some specifics about the chair’s features that you will find important.
  • Some potential drawbacks of the massage chair to be aware of.
  • Reviews and information about the chair from actual users and independent reviewers of the product.

That is quite a lot of information but it will help you to make the right choice when determining which chair is best for you.


Relaxonchair Benefits and Features

This massage chair has a lot to offer. Listed below are the benefits and features:

  • A customized massage with Computerized Body Scanning technology
  • A Feature that allows decompression
  • Lower Back heat massage
  • A choice of Four Massage Programs: Relax, DeepTissue, Stretch and Rejuvenate
  • 3 Manual targeted massages (Kneading Combo, Tapping and Kneading)
  • Ultra Zero Gravity with 3 stage selection: for providing your heart and spine with complete relaxation
  • A L-Track system for buttock massage
  • 3 choices for controlling Airbag Intensity
  • A choice of 3 options to control Massage Speed
  • Ability to stop any program anytime by using the manual mode
  • Airbag massage
  • Foot rest that is extendable and calf massager
  • Full-Body Stretching option
  • Massage: Deep Tissue Option
  • Adjustable Shoulder pads to control width
  • Easily accessible Remote Control that supports one-hand operation
  • Choice of Charcoal or Chocolate leather (synthetic, soft-grained)
  • Weight limit (recommended): 280 pounds
  • For users who are from 5’2” to 6’2” in height
  • Lightweight: 183 pounds
  • Dimensions: 65” x 30” x 40”
  • Curb delivery only: fairly simple assembly
  • Foot massager assembly required prior to use
  • Can fit through 32” door (without hinges)
  • Limited Warranty – 3 Years: First year coverage: parts First two years: structural problems (conditions apply)
  • Made in China

Relaxonchair MK-II Special Features

Full Size Remote Control

This handy feature will make remote control is easy to use even with one hand thanks to its large viewing screen. A very handy design feature that will make certain that your massage is not interrupted.

Positions for Zero Gravity- 3 Choices

This is a feature that is so therapeutic and it is great to see it available in a lower priced chair.  Having the chair in the (True) Zero G position means that the feet are elevated higher than heart level, helping circulation. This position also reduces gravity’s negative effects and also takes pressure off the spine.

L Track Buttock Area Massage

The rollers provide a full body massage by moving from the neck right down to the area below the seat.

Full Body Stretching

This massage chair has a complimentary feature that offers stretching options that are similar to yoga. By offering many massage options, the chair makes it easier to replicate the kinds of motions as that a professional massage therapist would often use.

Decompression Button on the remote control

This is a fantastic feature that uses an L-track system to do a full body scan along the length of the entire spine. It determines the specific areas that need attention and targets these areas. This makes each massage more precise and customized.

Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair

Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair


The Drawbacks

It is very important to take into consideration the negatives as well as the positives about the massage chair you are considering. Knowing about the drawbacks will help you determine if the massage chair will work for you. If they are things you can do without or can tolerate without it affecting the pleasure you will get from the chair, then the Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS is a good option for you.

Drawbacks: Things that can be improved:

For the feet, massage intensity too high

Having foot rollers is a great way to get an acupressure or reflexology massage on your feet. But some people have found that the intensity of the rollers is too much and this can be uncomfortable or even painful for some. You can turn them off but there is no way to adjust the intensity when they are on. You can remedy this if it is a problem by simply placing a buffer (like a towel) between your feet and the rollers to lighten the effect.

Needs lots of room

While this massage chair offers some impressive features, like zero gravity, it is not really a space saver! You actually need to keep quite a lot of space behind the chair so that it can be reclined fully to get the Zero-Gravity effect.

Remote Control beeps too loud

The remote control sounds are too loud for some people find who find this to be a nuisance since the sound can’t be reduced or turned off. It doesn’t necessarily interrupt the massage it should not be a deal breaker.

No S Track

The Relaxonchair MK-IV is the more expensive version of this massage chair and it comes with an S track which reaches around the buttocks fully. This is one of the things that you have to do without to benefit from the lower price point. It is however, still a very effective massage chair even without this feature.

No Music Capability

This chair does not come with embedded speakers but this is not too much of a problem since most people can use their own headphones to listen to music. It would be nice to have a built in music option to accompany a relaxing massage and some higher end massage chairs do come with this option.

Complex Warranty

One of the things that you have to keep in mind when buying lower priced products is that the 3-year warranty may not be as comprehensive as you would like. This means that even if your massage chair breaks before the warranty ends, it can still end up costing a lot in repairs!

Recommendations And Reviews By Independent Sources

This is a great way to get some insight into detailed workings and finding out more about your massage chair. The experts shared their views on this chair:

“Massage Chairs Experts”

This chair is ranked highly by the people at Massage Chairs Experts. According to them:

  • Advanced technology and the modern style makes it easy for users to use
  • The computerized body scan helps determine what areas will benefit from massage
  • The remote allows you to adjust massage program, level or intensity of massage
“Best of Massage”

The MK-II Plus gets a good review here as well. This is what their staff mentioned when commenting on this chair:

  • Modern design and the special track system with an L shape makes the chair stand out
  • It has a modern look and can be considered to be an attractive furniture piece than a therapy chair.

What Buyers Are Saying

This is a well-liked massage chair with over 70 happy customer reviews found on Amazon. Read below for summarized reviews of these happy users.

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair



All in all, the Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS is a very affordable option when it comes to massage chairs. It offers many therapeutic benefits and great features. We would not say that it ranks number one in its class, but it certainly does score high amongst the chairs that are in the low price bracket. This is an excellent choice for people who don’t have a huge budget but are looking for a massage chair that has numerous features and benefits without a hefty price-tag.

We strongly advise you to read another massage chair review to explore all available massage chair features on the market today.

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