What is a Foot SPA?

There are two main types of a foot spa: the one you make yourself and one that you purchase. The essentials of both types would be the same but their level of effectiveness varies.

Let’s clarify what is the benefit of using a foot spa. There is no doubt that the most important benefit would be the relief it provides from stress. After a long day there are not that many better things to do than to take a long foot spa. Because of the relaxation it gives, taking one in the evening after a long workday will definitely make your sleep better as well. Taking a foot spa is especially recommended for those who stand a lot during the day. It not only relieves stress but it also helps in case you have pain in your feet. I would go even further and say it refreshes your whole body.

After seeing the major benefits of a foot spa, let’s see what the two main types are:

The foot spa you can make yourself

It cannot really get any simpler. You take a bowl big enough for your feet to fit in. You put some warm water in it plus some salt, oil and ionizing coils. It will definitely give you some relaxation but it has its limitations. Let’s check the other, better alternative

You can buy a foot spa

The better ones come with great features. You can control the temperature of the water with a remote controller plus some of them also come with great features like waterfall wave and bubbles, motorized rolling massager, etc.


I recommend you to first try out the homemade version of the foot spa. I am sure that after trying it out you will want to take a foot spa on a regular basis. If so, you should consider buying a professional, electric foot spa which will hopefully serve you for a long time.  You can buy one from a couple of tens of dollars, while the best ones with some additional features cost over a hundred dollars. Taking into consideration how efficient they are at relaxing your feet and body, they are well worth their price.